Raidco Marine offers customer-specific boat assistance and maintenance contracts: Through-Life Support Services (TLS) contracts. This type of service can partially or totally cover preventive and curative maintenance for a variable and negotiable period. With a global TLS contract, Shipbuilders can eliminate their maintenance budget, as Raidco Marine’s "Service" department takes care of everything.   This organisation includes the following:

• Management and coordination of suppliers and sub-contractors,
• Operation scheduling,
• Management of stock and spare parts,
• Work monitoring,
• Contract accounting and statistical analysis.


New patrol boats for South Africa (October 2007)

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VCSM, Le Havre's patrol boat (November 2007 Gend'info)

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New Patrol Boats delivered to the South African Police Service (May 2008)
On 28 May 2008, the South African Police Service has ...

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